John Davies 1925-1944 Perthyn i chi?

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John Davies 1925-1944 Perthyn i chi?

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Tracing Hussars

SIR – I am writing the “Roll of Honour” of the 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own) 1939-45, a memorial to the 161 members and attached personnel of the Regiment who sadly never came back.

Among their number is one Welshman who served and who sadly lost his life. His name was trooper John Davies (14542818).

He was born in 1925 and died on August 18, 1944 at the age of 19.
He is now buried at Banneville-la-Campagne War Cemetery in France in grave XV.C.25.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has no record of parentage or area of residence.

However John has been commemorated in the Welsh Book of Remembrance held at the National Museum in Cardiff, along with Glyndwr Nicholas Howells, aged 26, and John Davies Hocknell, aged 29.

I have managed to narrow down the possible areas of residency to Newtown, Montgomeryshire; Bridgend, Glamorgan; Hawarden, Flintshire; Merthyr Tydfil and Pontypridd.

In all of the above areas a John Davies was born in 1925.

The 11th Hussars (PAO) “Armoured Recce Regiment”, which can trace its beginnings back to 1715 and the Jacobite Rebellion, the famous Charge of The Light Brigade and Waterloo, had arrived in North Africa in 1934. The Regiment had served in Palestine three times and during the Abyssinian Crises.

The 11th led the famous “Desert Rats” of the British 7th Armoured Division through the North African Campaign into Italy’s homeland, being withdrawn back to Britain prior to the D-Day landings and arriving in Normandy a few days after the initial Allied landings.

August 18, 1944, saw the Regiment in France around the area of the Livarot Forest.

C Squadron in particular was covering the Regiment’s right flank, French civilians had warned 3 Troop that there were Germans in position immediately ahead.

As the Troop made its way cautiously down the road a couple of Polish deserters ran out to join them, and very soon they came in sight of mines across the road and men moving about behind.

Simultaneously an unseen 75mm gun suddenly opened fire from the flank.

The first shot hit the armoured car (Dingo), killing instantaneously the two crewmen, Corporal Thomas Finch and Trooper Davies.

John now lies next to Corporal Finch in the French cemetery. He has no inscription on his headstone, other than his name.

I would be very grateful for the publication of this request to try and trace relatives and descendants of John, and any other relatives and descendants of the following other Welshmen who served in the 11th Hussars (PAO) and who never came back: Trooper John Davies Hocknell, born 1913, Swansea (mother, Davies); Trooper James Brentwood Howells, born 1917, Pontypridd (mother, Rayment); Sgt Glyn Howells, born 1911, possibly from Penygraig; Trooper Thomas Charles H, born 1914, Holywell (mother, Gunther); Trooper Glyndwr Nicholas Howells, born 1916, Swansea (mother, Nicholas); Trooper Thomas Hubert Boswell, born 1915, possibly Flintshire; Trooper James Stowe, born 1923, possibly Merthyr Tydfil.

There may be others whom I have not mentioned and who are not included in the Welsh Book of Remembrance.

David John Eason GCM

Ex-Royal Hussars (PWO) (Gulf 91), The Mews Cottage (Rear Of) 1 Acacia Road, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 6EF

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