Tudalen 10 o 10

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gan sanddef

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gan Pysgod Gwirioneddol Fawr

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gan Mihangel Macintosh

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gan Mihangel Macintosh

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gan Rhys

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gan rhodri77

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gan Al

Am sioc!

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gan rhodri77
Yr un heb stori ag arfer. Dyma ymateb Orange...

Orange strive to supply customers with the highest level of service
and we would therefore like to advise that this is an automated

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your mail.

We have received your mail, and will respond shortly however, if your
enquiry is account specific, or relates to a lost, stolen, damaged or
faulty phone,we will not be able to assist you by email and would ask
that you call Orange Customer Services on 150 (07973100150 from a
landline) for pay monthly or 450 (07973100450) for pay as you go.

If you have an Orange phone and you are experiencing difficulties
with your online account, you can contact our technical helpdesk by
dialling 439 from your Orange phone or 07973100439 from a landline.
Please note that callers must be over 18 and calls are charged at 50
pence per minute at all times. For any other queries, our customer
services helpdesk will be pleased to assist and can be contacted by
calling 450 from a pay as you go phone, or 07973100450 from a
landline, or 150 from a pay monthly phone (07973100150 from a

As this is an automated response, do not reply as we are not able to
answer replies sent from this acknowledgement.

Kind regards

Orange Customer Services

Wedi dweud hynny, rhaid edrych ar yr ochr bositif - mae'n amlwg fod pawb, yn Gymry ac yn Saeson, yn cael yr un gwasanaeth eilradd gan Orange, os mai dyma sy'n cael ei ddanfon at bawb sy'n ysgrifennu atynt...

Wedi cael ateb arall wrth Oren!

PostioPostiwyd: Llun 05 Medi 2005 5:12 pm
gan rhodri77
Ar ol i mi gael ateb awtomatig, dw i wedi derbyn ateb personol wrthyn nhw. Mae'n dweud y cyfan am eu hagwedd nhw mewn gwirionedd... Barod amdani?!

Hello Rhodri

Thanks for your mail about the language we choose to communicate in.

At present we don't offer a Welsh medium as all of our customers can
communicate in English, even if it isn't their first choice. We do
appreciate your comments, however it is the same for other UK
citizens who use different languages. We do respect all languages,
however as English is taught and can be used by all UK residents,
that is the language we choose to communicate with.

Kind regards

Orange Customer Services

Beth alla i ddweud heblaw am Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :x

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gan Jon Bon Jela
Llenwais ffurflen ar wefan cwmni ff