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Tafodieithoedd, beth yw *** yn Gymraeg, gramadeg, dywediadau ac ati

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Tafodieithoedd, beth yw *** yn Gymraeg, gramadeg, dywediadau ac ati.

Searching for participants

Postiogan Charles Wilson » Sad 06 Ebr 2013 1:13 pm

Dear all,

I apologise that this message is in English, but I am doing research into Welsh and Wales, and I require participants for my research. I am really hoping that my research will contribute to a body of work that will support the Welsh language.

I am a London-based postgraduate student looking for native Welsh-speaking participants to be interviewed for around 30 minutes about living and growing up in Wales. I can meet you at home, office, or wherever you prefer. £10 paid as thanks for being interviewed. Please feel free to contact me Charles Wilson 07450 462543 or e-mail if you have any queries or would like to take part.

I would have had this translated to Welsh, but for issues at my university, I need to do everything in English. I promise this will all be for the good of the Welsh language, though :-)

Many thanks and kind regards,
Charles Wilson
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Ymunwyd: Sad 06 Ebr 2013 1:04 pm

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